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Vacation on a different level

Vacationing in Haifa Tower

The Sea Tower allows you to enjoy all the advantages of the city of Haifa in a way that will make your vacation a truly unforgettable one.

A quality vacation
The first thing to think about when planning a quality vacation is of course the location where you are supposed to stay during the vacation. There are many options available to you, from luxury hotels, regular hotels, hotel apartments, AIRBNB apartments and more.
Each such option has its advantages and disadvantages, and we at Migdal Haim are here to present you all the advantages of a vacation in our apartment hotel.

Before choosing a place for vacation it is important to make sure that the place will meet our expectations in the best possible way. There are many very good places to take a vacation, but what is important is what is the right place for us to take a vacation. Choosing the right place is the key to a successful vacation. So here are some advantages that are important for you to know about the Sea Tower Hotel in Haifa.

The first advantage that we at Migdal Haim allow you to enjoy is of course the location where we are. As mentioned, the tower located in the Almog building is right on the edge of the city of Haifa, which means that first of all you are on the sea. For sea lovers, this is the perfect place for a vacation. In addition, being close to the sea, the location of the sea tower allows you to enjoy several other things.

Haifa’s promenade, quality restaurants and pubs are all within walking distance of the Sea Tower. During your vacation your only concern will be where you want to go as all the best options are within walking distance of where you are staying. When vacationing at Migdal Haim, you simply don’t have to take the car out of the parking lot.  

In contrast to a vacation in a luxury hotel, and especially if it is a hotel located on the sea, at Migdal Hayam you can enjoy a vacation on the sea at a very reasonable price. The fact that the hotel is an apartment hotel that offers holiday apartments allows you, on the one hand, to get apartments designed in an innovative style, large, spacious and with a kitchen, and also not to pay too much money for it.

The fact that the apartments come with a kitchen allows you to prepare some of the food on your own and thus save quite a bit of money that you would have to spend on food bought outside. So for a quality vacation without breaking the bank, Migdal Haim is the place. The kitchen also allows you to host during the vacation and invite friends who live far away from you to be with you during the vacation.

Since Migdal Haim is not exactly the classic hotel you know, the time ranges available to you to rent Migdal Haim’s rooms vary according to your needs. Whether you need rooms for a few hours, or even for significant rental periods, we at Migdal Haim happily provide you with all of these. All you need is just to find the available dates and arrive.

The vacation at Migdal Haim is not only a vacation that will allow you to enjoy the quality of the hotel itself, but also a variety of treats that you can receive during the vacation. At Migdal Haim you can order spa treatments and massages according to your request. For these treatments you don’t have to go too far and everything comes to you in the most convenient way.

What’s important before you go on vacation
Before you go on vacation in Haifa, check carefully which places you want to visit in the city of Haifa so that you know in advance about the places you want to visit. If you live far away, try to take advantage of your vacation to experience as many things as possible that you don’t have the opportunity to experience every day. Vacationing in Haifa is a great opportunity to experience them.

Migdal Hayam
Migdal Hayam is an apartment hotel that offers you a unique vacation in the city of Haifa. The hotel is housed in an Almog building, which is meters from Haifa’s coastline, and allows you to enjoy vacation apartments in an apartment hotel on the beach. We at Migdal Haim are here to give you the best service on the way to an unforgettable vacation. All you need is just to come to us, for the rest we already know how to take care of the best.

In conclusion
, a vacation at Migdal Hayam in Haifa allows you to enjoy some special attractions. First and foremost is of course the sea, whose location near your hotel will significantly upgrade your vacation. The apartments at your disposal are spacious and furnished, which will make you feel at home even during your vacation, with all the advantages that the city of Haifa has to offer you.  

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