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Migdal Hayam - hotel-level apartment hotel

Suites with jacuzzi for a perfect vacation

A vacation by the sea is a dream of many couples, and the problem with this dream is that its fulfillment can cost you quite a bit of money.

So after the corona has died down a bit, and you can finally afford to go on a short vacation, we at Migdal Haim are here to offer you a unique vacation, in a luxurious suite that is right in front of the sea.


Vacation by the sea
In any vacation that we plan, it is important to us that the place where we stay is as high quality as possible. For those who love the sea, getting up in the morning and seeing the beach is a dream that even if we don’t manage to fulfill every day, when the time comes for the vacation, we must know that we are in a place as close to the sea as possible. The big problem is that usually hotels in such a location take advantage of the location and charge a high price.

To your great delight, in the city of Haifa we will find a great solution for you. In the Migdal Hayam hotel located in the Almog building, you can rent huge suites on a high floor with a jacuzzi for a spa and pampering for loving couples, vacation apartments, AIRBNB apartments and several other options that make the dream of a vacation right in front of the sea, extremely realistic. Here are some things you should know.

The price
of the first advantage that Migdal Haim allows you to enjoy is the ability to go on vacation without thinking about it too many times before deciding on it. The fact that you are interested in renting suites in front of the sea does not mean that you have to take out loans or work like crazy in the months before. The vacation at Migdal Haim also gives you all the goodness of the sea, but at a price that pays off for you.

The advantage of the price you pay at the sea tower is that it does not come at the expense of the quality of the apartments and vacation rooms. The rooms in Migdal Haim are rooms of the highest standard, and the price you will pay for them makes this vacation particularly worthwhile.

The fact that you are in such a unique location, does not mean that you should not indulge a little on your vacation and enjoy some other attractions. We at Migdal Haim offer you to take advantage of your vacation and enjoy a variety of treatments that you can receive at the hotel. You can order a massage, spa treatments, all of course according to your wishes and to the appropriate extent.

We understand that it is important for you to see the sea during your vacation, but it is important for you to know that vacationing in Migdal Haim’s suites allows you to enjoy the location, and not just because of the sea. Migdal Hayam is located in a particularly central location in the city of Haifa, which means that you are close to important transportation routes, including train stations and of course to the best entertainment spots in the city.

At Migdal Haim, before you go out to the restaurant in the evening, you don’t have to worry about finding a parking space, because you don’t even have to take the car out for that. The location of Migdal Haim puts you within walking distance of all the places you want to go during your vacation.

Migdal Hayam
Migdal Hayam is an apartment hotel located in the Almog building. The building is located near the beach and allows you several options to enjoy a particularly high-quality vacation.

In conclusion
, if you want a vacation in suites in front of the sea, Migdal Hayam allows you to have it at an affordable price. The central location of the tower and the high level from which you will enjoy, guarantee you that this vacation will not be forgotten.

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