Romantic rooms

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Romantic rooms

Looking for Diuse? An apartment or a B&B for a few delightful hours?
Migdal Hayam offers you pampering rooms and suites for a few hours only at low prices and complete discretion.

But even if you long for freedom in a quality place for a couple, romantic or family vacation in Haifa, you have found the right place. We are here to tell you about the Sea Tower Hotel. With us you can book vacation rooms that are facing the sea in a central location in the city of Haifa . So before you book your next vacation, we have a few things to tell you. After you read this, you will realize that your next vacation should be at the Sea Tower .

When planning a vacation, the most important thing is of course where you will stay during it. Even before you try to find out about the various attractions and entertainment, you first need to find a suitable hotel for your vacation.

In Israel, a vacation in a hotel in relatively small rooms is not cheap, and sometimes for a short vacation of a few days you will have to pay an especially high amount of money. With cable and Netflix, but the most important thing is the location.

So if you are looking for a vacation in Haifa , the Migdal Hayam is an apartment hotel located right on the beach near Sukkot Hamitzil, with chef restaurants, gourmet restaurants, pubs, attractions, a long promenade and countless attractions below it.

The rooms are available in different sizes, and since it is an apartment hotel, you can rent the apartments for a longer vacation than a classic vacation. So if you are just debating about your next vacation, here are some things you should know, Migdal Haim has a wide variety of rooms, from studio apartments to huge suites, apartments with balconies, apartments with jacuzzi, etc. so that we can match the apartments to your budget and for the number of souls.

The location
of Migdal Hayam is located in Haifa, but even within the city its location is considered one of the best locations that can be found. The Almog Building, the place where the sea tower is located, is located a few tens of meters from the beach, which guarantees you romantic style rooms for couples, which are especially suitable for lovers of the sea and the waves.

Besides the proximity to the sea, the location of Migdal Haim puts you close to all the important places of entertainment in the city of Haifa, including many restaurants and pubs. You will be within walking distance of all of these, without having to move the car from the parking lot.

AIRBNB apartments
Just as you can rent an apartment in any city in the world, we also offer you AIRBNB apartments at Migdal Hayam. You can rent these apartments in advance for a time that suits you and spend your upcoming vacation in them in a very pleasant way. Price As mentioned, hotel prices in Israel have risen in recent years, and many cannot afford to dream of such a vacation. At Migdal Haim we believe that for a quality vacation there really is no need to break the bank. Vacation rooms can be rented at a much lower price than what you will get at a hotel, and all you need is to find the dates that suit you.

Romantic style rooms for couples
in Migdal Hayam you can take unique rooms to win a romantic vacation from the legends. The hotel offers a variety of spa treatments and particularly indulgent massages that can be a particularly significant addition to your vacation. Pampering treatment is a mandatory attraction on a quality vacation.

Migdal Hayam
Migdal Hayam is an apartment hotel located in the Almog building in the city of Haifa. The tower offers you a wide variety of apartments and vacation rooms, which allow you to enjoy a quality vacation in Haifa, and all this at a price that suits you. The location of the tower is in the most central place in the city, when you are close to both the important places of entertainment and the main transportation arteries. We are waiting for you, you just have to come.

In conclusion
, if you are looking for romantic rooms, you no longer have to pay too much or travel far. We at Migdal Hayam allow you to enjoy a pampering vacation in the city of Haifa, close to the sea and central places, and of course at a price that suits you.  

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