Renovating an apartment, looking for temporary accommodation?

Renovating an apartment? Temporary residence, short-term residence

Renovating an apartment is the most important thing before you move in, but sometimes you may encounter various delays that apply to the renovation. Of course, there is not always someone to blame for these delays, but in practice they do not allow you to enter your new apartment. In case your previous contract is over, you may find yourself in a problem, and we are here to solve it.

 An apartment for renovation time
When we approach the renovation of an apartment, we are required to find in advance a housing solution for the period of time that the renovation should take. However, we all know that renovation is a process where the only known thing is the start date. Many factors can lead to the renovation not being completed on time, and then you may find yourself with the problem of not having a place to live.

Of course, this situation is not limited only to cases of apartment renovation, but also if you are moving, or the contractor is late in delivering, sometimes you need a housing solution that you don’t often see available. That’s exactly why we at Migdal Hotel are here for you. We offer apartments of various sizes, furnished for periods without obligation or limitation including all expenses just to come and live.

The Dilemma in Renting During Renovation
One of the problems in the case we described is that the time of the rent is not clear to you. On the one hand, you hope to be in the rented apartment for as little time as possible in the hope that your new apartment will be ready. Those who renovate an apartment believe that the renovation will be completed as quickly as possible, and you too, will not be interested in signing a long-term lease.

On the other hand, since you saw that the date on which you thought the renovation would be finished is not the correct date, you understand that you must find a solution for the coming period with a very reasonable possibility that this period will be extended. This dilemma puts you in a somewhat complex situation, where on the one hand you don’t want to sign a long-term lease, and on the other hand you don’t want to move once more during the renovation period.

Why Migdal
Haim when you are looking for an apartment to pass the time in until the renovation is finished, it is important to have an apartment where you live comfortably. The time that the renovation is delayed can be long as said, and you should be prepared for it. It is important that you choose an apartment that is properly furnished, properly maintained, and if possible also in a location as convenient as possible for you.

The apartments of Migdal Hayam in the Almog building meet all these requirements. You have at your disposal furnished apartments in a selection of sizes, including apartments with a kitchen where you can cook as you normally would. Unlike the AIRBNB apartments that you could get, the Migdal Hayam apartments are apartments that can also be suitable for a long stay.

As mentioned, one of the biggest problems in qualifying an apartment for a renovation period is the problem that you don’t know exactly how long you will need to live in the replacement apartment. In Migdal Hayam you can rent an apartment without committing to the training period and leave it when your new apartment is ready. Of course, the possibility to extend the contract time is always available, in case the renovation continues to be delayed.

The location of Migdal Haim is a very central location, which allows you not to damage your daily routine in an extreme way while you live in the alternative apartment. The period of renovating an apartment is always a period when there is heavier pressure and it is important to try to stick to the routine as much as possible.

Whether it is your workplace or the children’s educational institutions, the fact that Migdal Haim Bin Almog is in a central location allows you to be close to all the important things and manage to maintain your routine even in this difficult time.

The price
the price you will pay for an apartment in Migdal Haim will be a friendly price for your pocket. While the price for an apartment for a short time will sometimes be particularly high out of taking advantage of your distress, we at Migdal Almog allow you to get our vacation apartments at a price that suits you. The renovation period is full of expenses, there is no reason to add another expense to it.

Migdal Hayam
Migdal Hayam is an apartment hotel in Haifa, located in an Almog building 50 meters from the sea. The building is near the port, the hospital, the promenade and all the main places of entertainment in the city of Haifa. At the Sea Tower you can rent apartments and rooms for any purpose and at any time, according to your needs. For those who are renovating an apartment, the Migdal Haim apartments can be a real lifeline.

In conclusion
, while renovating an apartment, it is important that you can continue to live in an adequate manner, even if the renovation of your house is delayed. We at Migdal Hayam allow you to rent furnished and maintained apartments of an appropriate size. These apartments will allow you to pass the renovation period in a comfortable and pleasant way.

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