Relocating? Looking for temporary housing to check out the city you want to move to? Are you waiting for your apartment or house to be ready and at this time you don’t know where to live?

Moving a country or city for studies or work? There are a wide variety of reasons why we find ourselves looking for temporary housing or relocating with our whole family. Today, there are many solutions that can provide you with peace of mind while moving to a temporary apartment. The following article will cover everything important to know about relocation and moving to temporary housing.



First, we will explain a little what relocation is. Relocation consists of two words that mean a new location (in English), that is, it is a situation where we leave our place of residence and move either to another city or country. There are a wide variety of reasons why we will have to relocate. Relocation is a very complex thing. Did dad get a new job in another city again? Yes, many times the whole family follows the work of one of the parents. It’s definitely a stressful, exciting thing that involves financial risks, especially if it’s a move that includes a move with children.

Every day many families move their lives to different cities or countries. The relocation process is a stressful process for the parents and the children and it includes a lot of organization and adaptation. We are required to find our lives anew in the same place. If we have not yet arranged for a permanent apartment and we also have this task, arranging temporary housing could be a great alternative for us. 

When will we need temporary housing?

Temporary housing will help us in times when we are waiting for the house we need to move into to become vacant or for them to finish renovating it or building it. Temporary housing will assist us in providing a good alternative for a house or apartment. Many times when we relocate we do not yet have a specific apartment to which we are moving and temporary housing will provide us with a proper and good solution for the search time. Many times we will not want to sleep in a hotel at that time for price reasons or because we would like to cook for ourselves. Temporary housing will provide us with a furnished apartment, with a kitchen and everything needed to spend a period of between a week and a few months.

In addition, temporary housing is an excellent option for those people who do not know exactly the amount of time they will stay in the same place or who do not currently have the option to pay for a long-term apartment. Temporary housing can also provide them with a proper and legitimate solution.

What does temporary housing offer us?

Temporary housing provides us with everything we need. Most temporary housing will be an apartment building where we can enjoy services such as: laundry service, shopping services, maintenance services, transportation services and more. In temporary housing you can enjoy a relaxed time of temporary residence or of looking for a permanent home in the new place you just moved to. Temporary housing will offer us the option to live comfortably at home in terms of cooking in a fully equipped kitchen, laundry, shopping and more. Temporary housing offers us the most effective solution that we will need during the period when we are not so much in our safe place.

How long can you live in temporary housing?

Temporary housing is open for many periods for the tenants. You can live in the apartment for a period of a few weeks or a few months depending on you. If you are relocating and have not yet found an apartment, the initial period of settling in, adapting and looking for your permanent apartment can be spent perfectly in temporary housing or if you are a nomad traveling around the world and do not want to sleep in hotels.

Where can you find temporary housing and is there such a thing in Israel as well?

Yes, of course, if you are looking for temporary housing for a relocation of a few months or an accommodation solution for one to two weeks, you can definitely contact us, the Migdal Hayam Apartment Hotel , and enjoy an amazing service that will make you feel right at home. At Migdal Hayam we offer you furnished apartments for rent that are ready for immediate entry as temporary housing for long and short periods. These are houses or apartments designed for short rental periods – from a few days to a few months so that you can feel at home on the day of your arrival. 

In addition, we can provide you with various services so that you can take your time adapting to the new city, we will provide you with services such as: laundry, maintenance, transportation, cleaning, and more to help you with routine daily tasks that you are not familiar with in the new city that you have recently arrived in. We at Migdal Hayam will make sure to adapt your housing to the specific needs you need.

In conclusion:
temporary housing in Migdal Haim is something that can help us a lot when we are in a period of relocation or downsizing and we are stuck without a permanent place of residence.

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