Management of rental apartments and holiday apartments

Whether you own properties in Israel that you rent out, or a vacation apartment that stands most of the year, we offer you to rent it for short or medium terms which will bring you a greater return than monthly rent, will take care of the home systems that break down when they are not working and you don’t have to do anything on your part.

We will take the apartment, furnish it and renovate it to suit tourists, occasional guests and business owners from Israel and abroad who are often required to stay outside their city, so that the apartment will give a feeling of home and will always be clean, painted and well maintained, we will advertise it on all major tourism portals such as: Expedia , Hotels , Airbnb , Booking and more, at a daily price higher than that of a daily annual rental, as much as possible depending on the condition of the apartment, the location of the apartment, season, etc…

We will arrange the apartment, put in suitable furniture, accessories, essential tools from an iron to an opener, we will receive and handle the orders and make sure that only worthy guests will enter the apartment, we will take all the possible guarantees from them, we will manage the diaries (entrances, exits), we will manage the customer inquiries during their stay , respond to their needs, provide the regular services to the guest, such as bedding, towels, cleaning, maintenance and upkeep during and after the stay. We have a great maintenance team and a cleaning team who visit the apartment on a regular basis. As far as the issues are concerned, they are dealt with quickly and professionally. This means that your apartment always remains in preserved condition, otherwise we will not be able to demand the price we want for it.

We have the historical data that proves beyond any doubt that with us, your potential to earn double the short-term rental of the apartment than what you will receive during the year has increased significantly. At the end of each year, this is what the numbers tell us – and we have no problem revealing them to you, we have a waiting list of clients that we receive from high-tech companies and universities who request to rent properties from us for their employees or guests from Israel and often from abroad to stay in your apartment. The meaning of increased demand It is higher prices and often better quality guests. Not only do we get you a better return, but the house we receive quality guests behind which there are strong companies that guarantee that the guest will behave accordingly, otherwise his job is also in danger.

Work with us and earn more than if you do it yourself. Enjoy the benefits of building a reliable and professional working relationship with a company and the management that takes care of all the details and payments, a maintenance and cleaning team that will maintain and constantly keep your apartment in peak condition that no long-term renter will keep.

We will provide you with the guarantees and we will take responsibility for any case of damage or nuisance, God forbid, so that you can be calm and sleep peacefully while we manage the apartment for you and before every tenant who enters you will get your money.

And you only profit without being a part of this huge array.
There are several accounting models in our company and we will let you choose the preferred and most profitable one for you.

We are responsible for:
matching the customers to the apartment
supervision of the customers / tourists
receiving the customers when they arrive and leave the apartment (check in and check out)
cleaning and maintaining the apartment at the level of a hotel between rentals.
Visiting the apartment when it is empty (and if necessary also during the stay) – and making sure that everything is in order
, painting, repairing if necessary after each departure and preparing the apartment for the next guest.

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