Renting furnished apartments for medium and long term

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Renting furnished apartments for medium and long term

The rental market in Israel is in a problematic situation. On the one hand, the rent prices in the sought-after areas are particularly high, but on the other hand, in the cheaper areas, sometimes the apartments are in a particularly bad state of maintenance. If you need a long-term rental of an apartment in the city of Haifa, we at Migdal Hayam have the possibility to let you enjoy all the worlds. Apartments of a particularly high standard and in a central area.

Long-term apartment
rental Renting an apartment is a complex matter, and when it comes to a long-term rental, this complexity increases even more. While after a short time, it is possible to compromise on an apartment in a slightly remote area, or an apartment that is not properly maintained, when it comes to long-term rental, the business is completely different. In a long-term rental, you have to consider several things.

apartments The solution of AIRBNB apartments that is widespread around the world, is not always suitable for renting apartments for a long period of time, and it is important to be aware of this. Many times such apartments are by definition holiday apartments which means that a long stay in them cannot really be comfortable for you.

Renting apartments without commitment
even if at the current point in time it seems to you that you do need to rent an apartment long term, sometimes the data on the ground can change and it is important that you have the option to end the contract without paying a fine or losing money in some other way. As soon as your rental arises from an interest that can change, it is important to make sure that there is a good option to end the contract.

At Migdal Haim, you can leave even in the middle of the contract with a short notice of a few days (as will be agreed in advance), without any obligation and without any strings attached

Renting furnished apartments An
apartment that you rent long-term, must be an apartment that is furnished to a high standard as possible, to make sure that even though you live in a rental, you can afford it reasonably. An apartment that is not properly furnished will usually not be maintained at an adequate level, which will make your stay in the apartment particularly unpleasant.

At Migdal Haim, all the apartments are furnished and designed by an architect, giving comfort and a feeling of home.

Apartment Hotel
One of the options you have is renting an apartment hotel. Admittedly, not all hotels have apartments that are suitable for long-term training, but if you found a hotel that does, it can certainly be a good option at all. We at Migdal Haim Apartments Hotel allow you to rent an apartment for a week, a month and of course for longer periods, all according to your needs.

We at Migdal Haim offer you furnished apartment rentals for any period you are interested in . Migdal Hayam is an apartment hotel with a large amount of vacation apartments that can also be used for rental apartments without obligation. When you need to rent apartments for the short term, renting in an apartment hotel can be the best solution. It doesn’t matter if it’s about renting an apartment for a week, a month or more, Migdal Haim is the place to do it.

Renting in Migdal Haim allows you to enjoy a number of advantages that make your rental one that you are satisfied with, and not a rental where you are just waiting for the end of your stay in the city. So for you to understand exactly what it is all about, we are here to present you the benefits of long-term rental in Migdal Haim.


The advantages of a long-term rental in the sea tower

Amor, the rental market in sought-after locations can be problematic. The high prices do not always allow you to find an apartment for long-term training in a central area. We at Migdal Hayam are located in the most central area of ​​Haifa city and allow you to rent an apartment in a place that is on main transportation arteries and close to places of entertainment.

The furniture
of Migdal Haim’s apartments are fully furnished , and during the time you stay at Migdal Haim you will not feel as if you are renting. In addition, we adhere to a particularly high level of maintenance, which will allow you to spend your rental period comfortably.

Short term
You can end the rental in the sea tower quickly, without incurring unnecessary fines. Even if you are renting an apartment long term, at Migdal Haim we allow you to rent without obligation for any eventuality that may not arise.

Migdal Hayam
A few tens of meters from the beach in Haifa, we will go to the Almog building where the Migdal Hayam hotel is located. The hotel allows you to rent holiday rooms, suite apartments and more. From a vacation of a few days to long-term apartment rentals, we at Migdal Haim allow you to enjoy everything that the city of Haifa has to offer, in the time frame that is convenient for you. You will not regret renting an apartment in Migdal Haim, we promise you.


In conclusion
, when renting an apartment long-term, it is important to make sure that the apartment is suitable for staying for the planned time period. At the same time, it is important to make sure that the contract can be terminated even with a sudden notice, since certain data can change and eliminate your need to stay in the apartment. At Migdal Haim you can get this service in the best way.

We at Migdal Haim will plan together with you the rental period and the size of the room you need according to your goals.

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