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”   Cookies  policy on the Migdal Hayam website, Almog Building  /  Carmel Beach Towers (  former Meridian Hotel )  

  1. In order to improve the user experience on the website of the Migdal Hayam Hotel at 10 David Elazar Street, Haifa (” the hotel ” and/or ” we “), we use cookies. The “cookies”, by themselves, do not provide the hotel with personal identifying information unless the user has chosen to provide such information (for example by registering for one of the services on the website). The website is operated by the hotel through an outsourcing company.


  1. A ” cookie ” is a small text file containing small amounts of information of the hotel’s website  (the ” Site “) located on your computer or mobile device. “Cookies” are designed to help the computer or device remember actions that the user of our website (” the user “) performed on the website, for example remembering that the user logged into the account or which and how many buttons he clicked. You can learn more about ” cookies ” at the link below .


  1. Use of cookies The hotel uses “cookies” as a tool for understanding the use of the website and for the purpose of improving the content and offers on the website. This use is made for the purpose of personalizing the user experience on the hotel’s web pages, relevant product offers, programs and services as well as targeted advertising.


  1. Disabling cookies and giving consent and/or refusal to use them  – it is possible that the browser used by the user allows control over “cookies”; Some browsers have settings that allow you to prevent “cookies” from collecting information. You can make use of these settings, and make the use of “cookies” unavailable, if the user does not agree to the use of “cookies”, it is possible that after disabling “cookies”, certain features on the site will not function properly. Without detracting from the possibility of making use of the aforementioned settings, already on your first entry to the website, the Cookie Banner will appear to you, through which you can confirm and give consent to the use of cookies by clicking on the consent button (“opt-in”) and/or refusing such use.
  2. Deletion of information stored through cookies – If you would like to delete information stored about you through cookies, please contact our data privacy officer, whose details are detailed in section 10 of this policy below.


  1. Cookies of third parties – there are third parties who operate certain types of “cookies” on the site, with the prior approval of the hotel, and which can also be disabled. Below is the list of “cookies” operated by third parties as mentioned through the website and a link to their privacy policy:


  1. Information cookies – the use of these “cookies” is for the purposes of collecting information in order to help the hotel improve its products and services, as well as to display targeted ads that the hotel believes will be relevant for the user. The hotel uses targeting “cookies” on the websites for various marketing initiatives and campaigns.


  • Analytics  cookies – these “cookies” collect information about the use of the site and allow the hotel to improve the site’s activity. These “cookies” even provide the hotel with aggregate information that the hotel uses to monitor the site’s performance, count visits to each page, detect technical errors, check the manner in which users reach the site and measuring the effectiveness of advertising and targeted ads.


  • Google Analytics  cookies – “Google Analytics” cookies are used to collect information about how users use the site. The hotel uses the information to create reports and improve the site. These “cookies” collect information anonymously, for example regarding the number of users, where the users came to the site and which buttons the users pressed .


  • ” Google cookies” include Google AdWords cookies which are used for marketing, advertising and remarketing. They enable the identification of visitors to the sites of our advertising partners and addressing them with interest-based ads and information. To learn more about Google AdWords cookies .


  • Facebook cookies  – the use of these “cookies” is for advertising based on the user’s interest, that is – ads that the user may be interested in based on his activity on websites other than “Facebook”. These “cookies” collect information from visits to the website and enable the promotion of ads through “Facebook” platforms. To read more about interest-based ads from Facebook . In order to disable “Facebook” interest-based ads, follow the “Facebook” instructions  here .
  • Bing/Microsoft cookies – “Bing cookies” are used to collect information regarding how users use the website as well as for marketing, advertising or remarketing. These “cookies” make it possible to identify visitors to the websites of our advertising partners and to direct them to interest-oriented information or ads. To read more about the Bing/Microsoft privacy policy,  click here.


  1. Updating the cookie policy – the hotel may change and update the cookie policy from time to time at its absolute discretion and according to applicable law. In the event of a significant update to the aforementioned cookie policy, we will actively update the users who (a) have given us their consent to communicate with them via of direct mail, and/or (b) for which the relevant change applies. We will also update the website that the cookie policy has been updated in a way that is clear to the user.


  1. The Commissioner for Information Privacy
    In all matters related to the protection of privacy, you should contact the Commissioner for Information Security of the hotel.

 Correctly updated: to 04/19/2021

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