Frequently asked questions and answers about the sea tower

Common questions

No, although the lobby and the structure may be misleading, it is not a hotel with the hotel’s service, but rather  an apartment hotel  that is owned by a number of different tenants, some of whom live in the hotel and some of whom, like us, rent out the rooms for vacationers as apartments for everything and anything (except for clean, washed sheets and towels that are provided throughout the period ), however, it is possible to agree with us in advance on various arrangements regarding meals and cleaning for a separate fee.

No. We are an apartment hotel and our concept is a little different, when you arrive at the location by the check-in times set for that day in your reservation, a representative will arrive on our behalf, take you to the rooms, and go over the apartment specifications with you.

Every day, including Fridays, our team is available until 18:00 and will be happy to welcome you and let you into the room.

During the hours when there is no representative on our behalf, we will give the person whose order was accepted (including the payment) the access details to the room, floor, room number and a 6-digit code for entry which changes after each check-out.

Those interested in arriving after 18:00 must make a telephone contact by noon in order to receive access details to the apartment.

Check-in requires verification of the identity card and credit card against the name on the order

Yes, there is security 24 hours a day and so is the whole place, except that inside the rooms are filmed and only the security guard has permission to watch what is going on, so you also have complete privacy.

No, this is not a hotel with a dining room or room service, but apartments that are rented for short periods, in the apartments you have everything you need to cook and around the hotel there are dozens of restaurants that provide food at reasonable prices, you can sit on the spot or order to your room.

No, there is plenty of parking around the building on the basis of available space, you can park without fear on the white road, sidewalks and traffic adjacent to the building as long as you do not disturb others.

If you have arrived and there is no parking space, you can park under the building in an underground parking lot paying the “Yamit” company a reduced fee of NIS 25 per day and go up from the parking lot directly to the lobby or floors (with a chip).

We are not responsible for the order of parking and parking on site and/or the prices.

Yes, there is a pool attached to the building.

The pool is maintained by an external operator and requires an entrance fee for each child and adult according to the established rates.

No, everyone is allowed to observe Shabbat in their apartment, 30 meters from the place there is a synagogue all week and on Saturdays, but usually there is no Shabbat elevator on site.

Yes, we provide you with hotel-level towels and sheets, from the same suppliers known to luxury hotels.

We provide large absorbent body towels as well as a face and foot towel, you can request to replace the old towels with new ones once every two days.

We do not provide beach towels and it is strictly forbidden to take the towels to the beach because this damages washing machines.

No, we provide shower gel and shampoo from well-known companies.

Yes. The small rooms up to 60 meters have a kitchenette with a medium-sized office refrigerator and the large apartments of 3 rooms or more have large kitchens with a large refrigerator. All kitchens contain kitchen utensils such as: plates, cutlery, bowls and pots. All apartments have a stove for cooking and a microwave, some apartments also have a child’s oven, a dishwasher and more.

We reserve apartments only for those who have made a payment or transferred an advance using a credit card / Bit / bank transfer. Payment in cash will only be on the basis of available space at the moment of the customer’s arrival and against credit / cash for safety purposes only that will be returned to the customer, except in cases where it will not be refunded and/or offset to the customer in the event of causing damage or violating the house rules that are required to pay.

Arrival and departure hours:
Room check-in:  from 2:30 PM
on Shabbat and holidays:  Room check-in is three hours after Shabbat ends.
Leaving the rooms:  Sunday-Thursday: until 11:00 a.m.
Saturdays and holidays:  until 11:00 a.m.

You can go out on Saturday night if there is a place available and by prior arrangement with an additional payment of 50% of the room cost per night.

Yes, subject to availability!!

We can add a baby bed to the apartment.  

One baby bed can be added to each apartment, according to the pre-order policy.

When booking the apartment, specify the number of guests and we will make the necessary preparations.

Please note: each apartment has a different maximum occupancy. 

We offer a wide variety of holiday apartments designed for accommodation, work, recreation and relaxation.

All apartments have a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, fully furnished apartments including bedding, towels, toaster, hair dryer, air conditioning, internet, flat cable TVs including Netflix channels and more… some apartments also have a washing machine, clothes dryer and dishwasher.

At Migdal Hayam you can enjoy spacious and significantly larger rooms than any standard hotel room , more space, and more privacy.

Guests booking a long vacation enjoy housekeeping services every five days (except Saturdays and Israeli holidays).

We will be happy to provide you with a large micham, plate, wine for Kiddush, Havdalah candles. It is mandatory to inform us at least 48 hours in advance that you are Shabbat observant because entering the room requires typing in a code and only if you let us know we change the lock to Shabbat mode which operates on a key mechanism and eliminates the need for buttons.

Definitely not!

Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the apartments. Smoking in the apartments will result in a fine of NIS 500, in addition to the damage that may happen to the parquet, sofas and curtains.

A case of smoking in the apartment that will result in the cancellation of a customer who is supposed to enter afterwards will result in a full payment of the cancellation fee.

No, we are not a hotel, renting apartments is according to the Airbnb method, where you get a fully equipped house and you are responsible for cleaning.

However, we provide new and clean towels every other day and sheets once a week. 

Customers who book an apartment on a monthly basis will benefit from general arrangement and organization, including changing sheets and towels once a week.

As with any reservation for a hotel, car rental, etc., credit card details must be provided for security, which will only be used in one or more of the following cases:

In case of damage to the apartment.
In case of cancellation involving cancellation fees.
In case of no-show at the hotel, without advance notice of cancellation.
If you arrive outside of business hours when the room is reserved for you.
In case of smoking in the apartment.

Migdal Hayam Apartments Hotel offers apartments of various sizes, from studio apartments and suites that can accommodate up to a couple, to two-bedroom apartments that accommodate up to four guests, and 2-bedroom apartments and a living room with/without a balcony suitable for 6 adult guests.
More information about our apartments awaits you on the website.

Yes, we work in cooperation with a wide variety of both large and small business companies that are looking for accommodation solutions for the company’s guests and employees.

The hotel offers a variety of benefits for guests of business companies:

Preferred and fixed price throughout the months of the year.
A variety of hosting solutions.
Room service and daily cleaning.
Priority in room availability.
Business services: printing, photography, transportation, ordering taxis and trips.
The hotel is located in a winning location a short distance from the Haifa Science Park.
For more details, please contact our sales team by email: and we will be happy to help.

Our cancellation policy is strict and we reserve the room for you. In many cases we come to meet the customer by postponing the date to another date and everything according to the case, from the date of the order to the cancellation and subject to the Israeli Consumer Protection Law.

No, we do not put more beds in the room, each room has the maximum amount of guests that can comfortably stay in it, and this is the allowed amount.

Yes, by the time you check out, an invoice will be sent to you by e-mail, if you have not provided an e-mail, please contact us by e-mail or WhatsApp and we will be happy to issue you a receipt tax invoice for your stay.

If you would like the receipt to be in the name of a company, please let us know in advance.

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