Migdal Haim - change / cancellation of an order

Sea Tower Almog Building / Carmel Beach Towers – cancellation or change of reservation (former Meridian Hotel):

Making orders:
Any person who personally and legally owns a valid credit card from the credit companies listed below: Visa KAL, Diners Club, American Express, Isracard and Mastercard, may purchase services through the website and/or the phone. 

Every order placed will be charged immediately upon placing the order at the full price of the order and the credit card will remain in the company’s system for security purposes only in case of damages and violations.
The price lists are shown without VAT for those ordering from outside Israel / with a foreign IP address. Residents of Israel and holders of an Israeli passport who order from these price lists will be charged an additional VAT payment at the time of their arrival at the hotel as required by law. If a VAT amount of NIS 0.00 appears in the order confirmation, this indicates that the order was made from a non-Israeli Internet (IP) address, the orderer will be charged additional VAT at check-in.
Exemption from VAT will be granted according to the requirements of the Israel Tax Authority only to foreign residents coming to visit Israel and in possession of a foreign passport + the annex for crossing the borders in Israel. It
is hereby clarified that the customer will be charged by the company (or someone on its behalf) using the credit card whose details have been provided to the company by the orderer, and the orderer hereby gives his irrevocable consent to the execution of a charge as stated above, subject to the provisions of these regulations.
All the images shown on this website are for illustration purposes only – since the images are displayed on the user’s computer monitor and/or printed by the user from the computer screen, there may be differences and changes between the appearance of the products in the image and their appearance in reality, and there may be changes due to improvements and upgrades in the room, the image of which has not yet been uploaded to the website , for this purpose, we recommend requesting through WhatsApp on 055-9994880 and/or via email recent photos of the room(s) you wish to book.
On the website you can find links and recommendations for various activities (hereinafter: “links”) The said links are intended for the convenience of the user with the facilities in the area and for this purpose only. The company is not responsible for the links and/or the linked sites and/or the information appearing in them, for their validity, correctness and legality. Any use and/or access to links and/or linked websites is the sole responsibility of the user.
The company is entitled, at its sole discretion and without prior notice, to change from time to time these regulations, the terms of use of the website, the structure of the website, its content, its appearance, including the scope and availability of the services offered therein, and any other aspect involved in the website and its operation. The validity of the aforementioned changes will be from the date of their publication on the website, unless otherwise determined.
Any conflict and/or dispute in connection with these regulations and/or the site, if and when it arises, will be resolved in Israel, according to the laws of the State of Israel only and in the competent courts in the city of Haifa only.

In case of non-arrival for the booked vacation, the booking will be charged full cancellation fees – 100% (one hundred percent) of the total booking amount and the accommodation will not allow changing dates.
**Cancellation and/or change made on Saturday and/or any other day of rest in Israel, will be considered (for the purpose of determining cancellation fees) as if made on the following working day.
**In any case of any change in the order (dates, destination, etc.) at the user’s initiative, the user may be required to pay additional change fees to the company according to the fixed rates that will be at the time of the change to the time of arrival.

Change in the order:
A change in the order will be made under the category “order file”At the bottom of the home pages, the customer will be required to enter in the appropriate place a username (email address) and password that he received together with the confirmation of the order or from the sales department along with a written notice, and subject to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law and the regulations established by it. Changes to the order made on the website can be made through Written notification only by email  booking@sea-tower.co.il

A customer who placed an order through the website will receive a username and password on the confirmation of the order he placed.
All orders on the website and by phone are non-cancellable unless otherwise agreed and written confirmation is received.
The credit card will be charged upon placing the order and no refund will be made if the order is cancelled.
Changing/updating dates in the order will be possible from any home page through the category “book of orders” at the bottom of the home pages, the customer will be required to enter in the appropriate place a username (email address) and a password that he received along with the confirmation of the order.
After entering a username and password it will be possible to cancel the order Using the “Cancel” button, and this only exceptionally and if the order meets the cancellation conditions of the price list. The
cancellation of the order is subject to the cancellation policy defined in the regulations, a link is attached:  https://www.sea-tower.co.il/%d7%aa%d7% a7%d7%a0%d7%95%d7%9f/
If the order does not meet the cancellation conditions, and the cancellation button does not appear in “My orders file”, you must contact the Sea Tower by contacting the reservations department by email:  booking@sea-tower.co.il  or phone:  04-6891689

The orderer must save the message that the orderer received, which includes the name of the orderer and the order number.

For questions, requests or further inquiries, please leave a message in ‘Contact’ or call our reservation center at  04-6891689 .

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