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Renting apartments for businesses and work teams

Many business owners are often forced to meet outside of their office, in their city of residence to include meetings, follow-up, giving price offers, etc., these meetings often go into the night when they are tired and exhausted from the previous day, sometimes it is also a matter of needing to stay in the Haifa area for several days. For this purpose, we Those business owners are offered to rent a pampering apartment from us with the view and calmness of the sea, with hotel equipment and a feeling of home for an amount equal to every pocket and to avoid trips back and forth or trips late at night and tiring and wake up in the morning refreshed for a new day.

While staying with us at Migdal Hayam , we can provide the business owner with additional services such as reflexology, massage, chef meals, a bottle of wine, a fruit basket, shuttle services and more…

More than once, companies from the central and southern areas are forced to carry out maintenance work in the Haifa area, sometimes these works last more than a day and in order not to waste working hours on the roads going back and forth to the center and back, we offer the business owners and companies to lodge their employees / laborers with us, we can arrange for them a large room or Small depending on the composition of the team, after the working hours the team goes back to sleep or rest with us at Migdal Haim and leaves in the morning to continue the work while significantly saving time and shortening work times.

With progress, the world has become a small global village, and every year thousands of collaborations are made between Israeli companies and companies from abroad, sometimes guests from abroad come for a sale, an opportunity, a lecture and need a place to stay for a few days, here at Migdal Haim we can arrange a room for your guests With all the pampering available, in order for him to feel the best and most comfortable during his stay in Israel, we can of course, with advance notice, arrange for him a host of solutions during his stay, from food, a car to laundry and ironing services.

Even if the guest needs a longer period for work, we will arrange for him a luxury apartment with a pampering work environment and take care of all his needs with maximum flexibility for the period of stay which he can shorten or extend as needed and without obligation.

We can, depending on the need, move the client between apartments for cooling, to larger apartments, with a jacuzzi or balcony and take care of all the basic needs he requires for the stay, so that you in human resources, business owners will not have to be bothered and worried about the guest.

Business owners often have the need to interview or meet with certain people in a neutral place, far from the office, for this purpose we provide you with luxury apartments adapted for interviews and meetings for as long as you need, from a few hours to a few days, we will take care of refreshments, drinks and everything that is required to that you can go about your business.

No matter what you need to rent business apartments for , we are here to tell you about an option that can be very effective for you, starting with apartments for business meetings, job interviews, etc. Migdal Hayam allows you to rent apartments by the hour, or days, for meetings or overnight stays , for you or your team, in a great location and at an attractive price.

In recent years, the demand for business apartments has increased significantly. Many business owners don’t like noisy workspaces, and are trying to find a better way to run their businesses. Apartments for businesses is a great solution, which allows you to enjoy all the worlds. One of the problems is that not everywhere you can get apartments for businesses, and there are apartment owners who prefer not to rent their property to businesses.

We at Migdal Hayam believe that for your business, our apartments are the best thing. Our apartments are rented in the format of Airbnb apartments and allow you to make any legal use of the apartment for your businesses. So before you despair and go back to the noisy work spaces, here are some things we have to tell you about an apartment hotel, and how the Sea Tower Apartment Hotel can help you.

An apartment hotel is a hotel whose service is mainly the rental of vacation apartments , without many other services. The big advantage of a hotel in this way is of course the price, the size of the rooms which can reach up to 150 meters unlike a hotel, and it also allows you to rent rooms by the hour, or holiday apartments for longer periods. We at Migdal Hayam allow you to rent rooms facing the sea in a prime location in the city of Haifa. For your business, this has several advantages that you should know.

Location, location and again location....

Beyond the fact that Migdal Hayam   is located in Israel at the closest distance to the sea, to the pubs, restaurants and the boardwalk, we are also close to the entrance to Haifa, the train, Egged Central, the shopping mall, the city, Rambam, Matam – the science park, supermarkets and the Carmel tunnels.

From us you can reach the Rambam and the city in less than 5 minutes, less than 3 minutes to the Science Park and less than 10 minutes to Kiryat through the Carmel tunnels, about 10 minutes drive to the center of Carmel. Everything is within touching distance.

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